Maganda Moments has captured beautiful moments of my family. Brittany and Conrad shared my wedding day with me and I couldn’t be happier with the special candid moments they captured. They are so fun and talented! Thank you guys for the care you put into making memories for my family to look back on ❤️

Lisa Jenkins

I could not have asked for anything better in the quality, beauty and creativity of our engagement pictures.


Brittany and Conrad are a fabulous team to work with! From the start of our engagement photos to ending with our wedding and reception, these guys were amazing through it all. Not only do they capture absolutely beautiful pictures, they make sure to have a good time in the process. Our engagement session was very well planned out. Even though they were unfamiliar with the area, they made sure to show up early and scope out all of the locations to gather ideas. I had given Brittany some of my Pinterest pictures, and she took these ideas and made them unique to only us. The Bridal session was comical on every level! From rain, to a delay, and humidity, things seemed to all be going wrong. However, a surprise session in Neyland Stadium made the night magical. The sun was going down, but we couldn’t miss this special opportunity. Once again, the photographers adjusted and took so many gorgeous photos, even without the best lighting! Our wedding was wonderfully beautiful, and my husband and I cannot stop browsing through our pictures. We had an inside church ceremony and an outside amphitheater reception. I had worked with Brittany to give her and Conrad a planned agenda. However, not everything went as planned. If it wasn’t for them, I would have zero pictures before the wedding because I wasn’t ready for a plan B. They made sure to carry out everything I wanted and more! Brittany and Conrad are one of the best kept secrets around! I’m so thankful to have such wonderful wedding pictures due to our amazing photographers!

morgan meade

Brittany and Conrad, aka the incredible duo that comprises Maganda Moments, are absolutely incredible, quite possibly the best in the Tri-cities/East Tennessee area! My wife, Katie, and I booked them for both our engagement session and wedding. We were beyond pleased with the final product of both. They are incredibly gifted and have real talent for photography, which is evident in the amazing photos we have.

For our engagement photos, we started at Steele Creek Park in Bristol. Immediately it was obvious Brittany and Conrad formed a plan on how best to utilize the park’s scenery for our backdrop. They were both so creative, constantly working with the lighting and numerous poses/setups, capturing truly beautiful moments. After an hour or so, we drove to Abingdon and had another shoot downtown (they were so accommodating)! We spent approximately another 30-40 minutes , and once again, it was evident the creative juices were flowing. No ‘scene’ or backdrop went unexamined, no pose untested. They wanted to make sure they made the most of what they were working with in order to give us the absolute BEST product possible. Mission: Accomplished.

Fast forward a few months to the day of the wedding. Conrad stuck with the groomsmen and Brittany with the bridesmaids throughout the early afternoon, capturing every detail of the whirlwind that was the bridal parties preparing for the ‘big event.’ Literally, every single detail, not missing ANYthing. They even took the reigns at some point, calling the shots and getting everything and everyone organized and in order, making sure the day moved along according to schedule and that we didn’t fall too far behind (they seriously did not want to risk missing anything or wasting any opportunities).

Once the ceremony began, it was a blur. So much happening, so many emotions; we cant recall much in regards to specifics. However, we need not fear; We can reminisce about our day through Brittany and Conrad’s work! They got it all. Every thing. Every moment, including some that we didn’t realize were as special or as beautiful as they were until looking back through our photos and seeing them through the lenses of Maganda Moment’s two gifted photographers.

And they didn’t slow down after the ceremony! They continued to work. They nailed the milestones: entrance to the reception, first dance, cake cutting, etc. But in between, they were capturing every hug and handshake from family and friends; every smile as congratulations were shared with loved ones; every tear of joy shed over the occasion. The covered all angles, working the room and getting the candids that truly summed up the atmosphere and merriment of our special day. They were everywhere. Even as the hours passed and the reception continued into the night, Brittany and Conrad shot picture after picture.

Katie and I cannot thank or praise Brittany and Conrad enough. They worked so hard to capture our special day and provide us with keepsakes that we could cherish forever. And they did so successfully. Thanks to them, we can relive our wedding anytime we want just by going through the beautiful photos taken by Maganda Moments. They’re truly the best! THANK YOU!

Rob & Katie Reburn


Maganda Moments is awesome!! Brittany and Conrad are wonderful to work with. They shot my wedding and engagement pictures which were at Hunter Wright Stadium. We had a softball themed wedding. My wedding day was a little wild. First off, we had 100% chance of rain which changed our plans on short notice. They were willing to do whatever needed to be done. They stood out in the rain and captured awesome memories. Thanks for everything. We would recommend them to anyone for anything.

Kaitlan Lane Brooks

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