Tim & Morgan | A Knoxville Engagement

From the Tennessee Theater (their first date) to the splash pad in Word’s Fair Park, we had such a good time shooting Tim and Morgan’s downtown Knoxville engagement session. This shoot was filled with a few sentimental locations to Morgan and Tim which personalized their pictures perfectly. Every pictures shows their love and admiration for each other. We are so excited for Morgan’s upcoming Bridal session and the wedding in August. Here is just a few of our very favorites of their shoot.


1 2 IMG_0836.01IMG_0859.01 IMG_0867.01IMG_0957.01 IMG_0916.01IMG_0965.01IMG_0866.01 IMG_1076.01 IMG_1093.01IMG_1172.01 IMG_1195.01IMG_1252.02 IMG_1349.01 IMG_1365.01IMG_1325.01 IMG_1399.01 IMG_1432.01 IMG_1489.01 IMG_1526.01 IMG_1547.01 IMG_1558.01 IMG_2545.01

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